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Saturday, January 16

8.30pm - Half-Tongue Tribe / Un Chant D'Amour

9.30pm - Sister Mantos / Blood of a Poet

TWITCH: @filmmaudit

FACEBOOK: @filmmaudit2.0


JIMI CABEZA DE VACA and NORA KEYES perform a new score to Tod Browning’s THE UNKNOWN



For many years, The Unknown was thought lost, until in 1968 a 35-mm print of this 1927 silent was located at the Cinémathèque Française. In many respects considered to be the best of Browning’s films with Lon Chaney, Browning draws a remarkable and haunting performance from him and fills the plot with twists and unforgettable characters, creating a chilling masterpiece of psychosexual drama. 



Over the last dozen years, Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist and composer Jimi Cabeza de Vaca and singer-songwriter Nora Keyes have performed live scores to King of Kings, Pandora’s Box, Faust, Sunrise, Metropolis, Haxan, Aelita, Queen of Mars, The Unknown, and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Most of these have been performed multiple times and all of them have featured additional musicians. When working with a large ensemble, they have been billed as the Cabeza de Vaca Orchestra featuring Nora Keyes; when working with a small ensemble, they have performed as Rococo Jet. This performance of The Unknown will be the first time that they will perform a live score as a duo. 

SISTER MANTOS perform a new score
to Jean Cocteau’s THE BLOOD OF A POET



French writer and visual artist Jean Cocteau made his filmmaking debut with the avant-garde 1930 film, which according to its creator was conceived before Surrealism had come into being and while cinema was still in a period of transition from silent to sound film.  


The film moves through a sequence of four loosely connected episodes - depicting such scenes as an artist at work, the goings on in a hotel, a snowball fight, a card game - intercut with dreamlike images of rotating masks and spinning wire models of a human head. 



Sister Mantos was originally a solo project, conceived by Oscar M. Santos in 2009. The band transformed from a bedroom ambient lofi project into a bilingual neo-tropical psychedelic punk funk orchestra. When Sister Mantos takes the stage, their psychedelic blend of Latin beats, punk attitude, and funk rhythms invigorate the crowd to dance, sing, and rejoice. Sister Mantos sings songs in Spanish and English about love, queer & POC empowerment, and utopias that are free of war and oppression. Audiences are sent on a spaced-out psychedelic road trip and treated to a mystical experience of spastic dancing, bumping beats, and positive energy. The band released its latest album, ‘Songs in the Key of Destroy Capitalism’ in 2019 and is now working on new music videos, a new album, and a Sister Mantos video game.

HALF-TONGUE TRIBE perform a new score

to Jean Genet’s UN CHANT D’AMOUR



Jean Genet's unique entry into filmmaking, “Un Chant d’Amour” (1950) remained banned in the USA for years. Eschewing the use of dialogue, this poetic 25-minute short, set in a French prison, explores the intensity of attraction between two inmates under the jealous eye of a voyeuristic prison guard. This “revolutionary vision of emancipation through sensuality ...both universal and eternal” (Fernando F. Croce, Slant) has been cited as an influence on such queer filmmakers as Derek Jarman and Andy Warhol.


What in the Goddess is Witch Rock? One look at the makeup and glittery wardrobe of the band members in Half Tongue Tribe should be your first clue. Decked in huge women’s (or possible drag queen) jewelry, Pict-ish face paintings, and rock-leathers, these witches play/preach music that is inspired by, dedicated to, and sometimes pokes fun at, Ancient Goddesses.


Guitarist/composer Dan Graul plays and sings in many bands including Northern Strangers. Singer/lyricist David LeBarron has written many plays and internet successes as he trod a pagan path for over 30 years. The two met doing theater and then became “brothers” when they realized each was a witch. 


Compelled to create art to empower instead of cower, Half Tongue Tribe reaches to audiences in public spaces bringing healing to broken souls and laughter to path-walkers. 


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