Got yourself an Official Film Maudit 2.0 Mug or Pint Glass? Or maybe you are a Coaster Collector/Afficionado.

Don't tempt your hardwood tables, desks or dolly's! Save yourself the trouble of liquid damage by placing our super handy Official Film Maudit 2.0 Coaster - Acid Yellow under your drink of choice.

Crafted with genuine cork bottoms, and topped with polyester-coated hardboard, these coasters come in 3.75″ X 3.75 square shape and are Sold individually!

Coaster it up during those long movie nights at Film Maudit 2.0!

.: Made in USA
.: High-gloss top
.: Quantity: One coaster per order
.: Sizes: 3.75″ X 3.75″ (Square) and 4" X 4" (Round)
.: Material: Genuine cork bottom finished with a glossy white top made of polyester-coated hardboard

  Square Round
Width, in 4.00 3.75
Height, in 4.00 3.75
Depth, in 0.20 0.20

Film Maudit 2.0 Thanks you for your Purchase! See you at the Festival!

Official Film Maudit 2.0 Coaster - Acid Yellow -1X Coaster per pack

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